Lucky To Be Alive

by Ridley Bent

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An East Van Zombie Apocalypse by Ridley Bent !


Lucky To Be Alive

Vancouver BC late at night, The sky is clear and the moon is bright
There are Zombies everywhere feeding on every human in sight
If we zoom in on the Downtown east side we see a skater punk in the flight of his life
Good thing he can skate well, because Chinatown looks like the gates of hell
He comes across an abandoned police cruiser, figures he'd be a loser not to use her
Blares the sirens, flashes the lights, zombies everywhere with an appetite for destruction
And what's more, the road he was on was under construction
He gets some serious air off a pile of dirt, Zombies underneath him with missing limbs and torn shirts

He lands on a pile of them, steps on the gas and plows through em
Gets some breathing room on commercial drive doing 95 and lucky to be alive

Meanwhile, in Kitsalano, there's a goth chick underneath a grand piano
looking a little bit like a creep herself but for her pretty eyes and her fashion style
she grabs the keys to daddy's new Hum II, normally Taboo, but without it, she was screwed
She backs out of the garage and onto the street, crushing zombies between her tires and the concrete
sidewalk and she doesn't stop until she muscles her way up to the next block
Makes a left on broadway, which has its fair share of undead foot traffic today
There's a semi in the middle of the street with its ramp down, no other way around
She hits that ramp doing 75 zombies underneath her looking like flies

She lands on a pile of them, steps on the gas and plows through em
Gets some breathing room on commercial drive doing 95 and lucky to be alive

Now a Necromancer controls the undead from an underground lair covered in spiderwebs
he's surrounded by thirteen wraiths and a big snake and is busy summoning an earthquake
So our skater is speeding south, and our goth chick is speeding north, its crazy
The drive has been split by the quake between 1st Ave and Gravely
So the goth chicks lookin' at a 20-foot wall, and the skater punks lookin' at a 20 ft freefall
and the necromancer is watching it in a crystal ball, 50 feet beneath it all
The skater reaches the edge first, no time to brake no time to reverse
He launches off the ledge like it was the last day of summer
And lands it hard Face to Face with the hummer
They collide, and miraculously the girl is tossed from her truck and survives
and the skater punk is saved by the superior safety feature in a government ride
The hummer rolls into the chasm, and its impact causes a chain reaction
which buries the necromancer and his brethren under a ton of earth in their underground cavern
The police car is mangled but can still run, the goth chick gets in a rides shotgun
But the undead lost their lust for blood and are burned to ash by the rising sun


released October 31, 2016
Produced by Joby Baker
Mixed and Mastered by Jamie Sitar
Recorded by Joby Baker at Baker Studios (Victoria, BC)
Vocals : Ridley Bent
Guitar: Adam Dobres
Bass: Joby Baker
Keyboards/Synth: Adrian Dolan
Backing Vocals: Ruth Moody, Joby Baker
Drums: Pat Steward
Additional Track Recording: Ben Kaplan
for Nimbus School of Recording and Media (Vancouver, BC)
Graphic: Sean McKay for The INNERface Media

© 2016 Ridley Bent Music



all rights reserved


Ridley Bent Vancouver, British Columbia


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